Type Of Properties You Can Get In Thailand

Thailand is a south-eastern country known for its cool beaches, exquisite royal palaces, and its old ruins. Thailand is a superb and awesome country to buy and own property due to its high-class and top-quality properties. In this article, we will discuss the various types of Thailand property that you can get:

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Single-detached house

This housing property can also be called a single-family home. The single-family home in Thailand usually consists of 2 floors with 2-3 bathrooms and bedrooms, one sitting room, and a kitchen. This type of house in Thailand is costly because of its usual spacious structure.

Semi-detached house

This type of residential building is similar to the single-detached house, but it has a shared wall on one part. In Thailand, this residential structure is scarce and not so popular.

Terraced house or townhouse

This type of residential building is prominent in Thailand, especially in cities like Bangkok, Phuket, Chuang Mai, and Pattaya. They can have up to 3-4 floors and about two parking lots. The terraced house has become the favorite home structure for young families in Thailand. Town Houses in Thailand have modern, superior, and luxurious designs. Besides, they are also quite expensive.

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Home office

This type of residential building can also be referred to as a commercial building if it has over four floors. Home offices are almost similar to the Town House. The only difference is that the Home office is meant for living and can also be used as a workplace. Home Office provides a place for you to live and attend to your customers.

Flat or apartment

Apartments in Thailand usually have only one owner and are like a rental room in a residential building. Apartment rooms are usually equipped with basic furniture like a wardrobe, bed, and closet. The rental fee for an apartment is not quite expensive because this residential building does not usually have kitchens. The service apartments in Thailand are more expensive, and they operate similarly to that of a hotel. They are more popular in Bangkok city. ‘Flat’ is an out-dated word usually used for the apartments of government officials.

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Condominium or condo

This is a type of residential building that can be divided into parts for individual ownership. It also includes common and private properties. The units are popularly known as Condos. They are usually fitted with multitudinous appliances to suit the buyer’s taste.

Most times, a condominium can be classified into a bedroom (living room and bedroom), Studio (a room), and two bedrooms (living room and bedroom). The price of a condominium in Thailand varies based on the location, room space, and the facilities. Some condominium in Thailand has facilities like swimming pool and fitness center. Though the ones with high quality and standard facilities are more expensive, if you need to stay in Thailand for a long time, a condominium is the best residential building you should get.

Thailand is a nice and great place to get a property not only because of its physical pulchritude but also, because of its strong, stable, and diversified economy. The real estate properties in Thailand are highly maintained, affordable, and impressive. The types of buildings that are mentioned above will not ruin the splendid sensation you expect in Thailand.